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Italian architects LEAPfactory have designed the modular New Refuge Gervasutti as an alpine accommodation sanctuary that overlooks a glacier in the Italian Alps. The Gervasutti was installed in October 2011 in Courmayeur, on the Freboudze Glacier, on the East face of the Grandes Jorasses, Mont Blanc (Italy). Helicopters were used to ferry the pieces onto the mountain, and each piece was bolted to the mountain and together to make the cylindrical bivouac.

The Gervasutti provides 30sq. m (sq. ft) of living space, weighs?2500kg (5,511lbs) total, has?12 beds and provides?2.5kWh of solar energy a day. The rear section has bunk beds for climbers who stay on the mountain, and a living room, kitchen and dining area are at the front, overlooking the precipice. Naturally, the views are spectacular, with large windows and a computerized information system to give weather reports, and photovoltaic panels to provide all the needed electrical power.

The refuge was built for CAI Torino, the Italian Alpine Club. LEAPfactory (Living, Ecological, Alpine Pod) design infrastructures that minimize the impact on the environment. Using high-tech design, for the structure but combining Italian design flair, in this case by using wood finishing to make the interior more like a traditional alpine cabin.

The total cost was €250,000 (US$334,000).

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